Reviewed by STRINGS Magazine (April, 2009 - P. 66)

Accidentals Happen! A Compilation of Scales for Violin by William H. Somach. (Also available for viola, cello, and bass.)

This scale book is a well-informed guide for teachers and players who are looking to learn about scales, modes, key signatures, and accidentals. As Somach states in the preface, his book is for “accomplished musicians and those who may not be well versed in classroom music theory.” The language is clear and concise—certainly approachable for beginners—but the content covered is vast. From western scales and modes to Hungarian, Arabic, and Hindu scales, this book offers plenty for the experienced musician. The scales are easy to read (half steps and augmented second intervals are clearly labeled), and terms and definitions are provided throughout. Recommended for anyone who needs to develop his or her scales.
—Graham Pellettieri